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Have a general question? Looking for something specific? Our Frequently Asked Questions are a good place to start. To view the full answer of any question, simply click on the read more link ...


How do I access your resources?


Simply visit our Resources section, where we provide a range of documents for your benefit. To access a file, simply click on the download button below the fil...e description. If you can’t find what you are looking for, or the page doesn’t show any files, it is likely because we are updating the archive and may have removed outdated material.


How do I access FileXchange?


You will have been provided with a username and password. To access files made available to you on our FileXchange system; simply click on the logo in the top r...ight corner and use your login details to access your client dashboard.


I need to contact you, what is the best option?


Depending on your enquiry, you can either give us a call on the phone number listed at the top of our site: (02) 9090 2052, or if you prefer, you can use the f...orm on the contact page to send us a message. We are happy to schedule an appointment for you at a suitable time based on your requirements.